Along Beech Creek, and close to the Buffalo National River in Northwest Arkansas, lies almost 400 acres of beautiful, pristine land. It is an ecosystem rich in unique landscapes and unusual natural features, as well as a place of spiritual, recreational and ecological value. Arco Iris Earth Care Project, a non-profit corporation, is dedicated to protecting this land.

Recognizing the need to conserve our Ozark wilderness areas and foster the indigenous people’s sacred way of living in harmony with the earth, we are building a sustainable community, natural health center, and school on the land. These projects will provide health care, education, and employment to an economically depressed rural population.

The vision for this property began with a Native American woman, SunHawk, and her determination to re-connect displaced indigenous peoples to sacred place. As a curandera, she realized that a great healing is needed for land and people, which are linked together. With assistance from the architecture department of the University of Arkansas and a certified permaculturalist, plans for the community were drawn up.

Every spring, the Grandmothers and community members meet to walk the boundary of the land in a blessing ceremony. Over the years, many volunteers have labored to restore the land and build nature trails. Their most recent accomplishment is the completion of La Salsa Campground. “The Hadra,” a large pavilion and outdoor kitchen, was completed in October 2011. The next stage includes constructing tent platforms (which will later become guest cabins), tucked apart from each other into pockets of sheltering forest. Nearby, a magnificent creek runs past high cliffs to fill a large swimming basin. Guests may now hold events comfortably in this secluded area. Already, workshops in herbalism and primitive skills are underway…the Earth Care School has begun! Next comes finishing its building…

For this labor of love, we need funding. On this site, you will learn why the Earth Care School is so important and how you and others will benefit from its realization. It’s a stepping stone on the path to wellness for all lands and all peoples. It is a demonstration of what can be done by those who care.

Peoples of all the sacred colors and nations are welcome to join as members, attend events, and become stewards for the protection of this sacred land.


 Arco Iris Earth Care Project Mission Statement

Our Mission is to protect Our Sacred Mother Earth by conserving Ozark wilderness land, teaching environmental education, preserving indigenous and Ozark culture, and providing a sanctuary that empowers women and children of color, displaced indigenous peoples and our community with natural and healthy skills for sustainable living and self-sufficiency.


  • This sacred land will be a sanctuary for native plants and trees, wild animals, eco- systems, springs, creeks, caves, and people.
  • This sacred land will be cared for and protected by our community as a land trust held in perpetuity for future generations.
  • This land will have a resident gatekeeper that is honest, open, and welcoming to well-intentioned visitors, yet aware and firm, and physically capable of maintaining land regulations.
  • This sacred land will be physically and spiritually cleansed of old debris.
  • This sacred land will have at least 3 resident caretakers and/or families.
  • This sacred land will be shared with community and the public (eco-tours, Earth School, natural health clinic, retreats, ceremonies)
  • This sacred land is committed to diverse usage by diverse residents and visitors, including LGBTQI folks, elders, children, people of color, and differently-abled people. 
  • This land will provide a sacred and safe retreat area to be reserved as women-only space.
  • This sacred land will always share gardens, wildlife, fauna, and pasture areas with its founding neighbor’s community: Santuario Arco Iris.
  • This sacred land space will have a suspension bridge that will link the Santuario Arco Iris community with the Wild Magnolia community.
  • This sacred land will be the home of the Teopan Earth Care School for the purpose of sustainability, to sustain Wild Magnolia and our Ozark rural community.


To contact us by mail or to send a donation by check please use the following address:

Arco Iris, Inc., HC 70 Box 17, Ponca, AR 72670-9602

To contact us by email:


To contact the secretary by phone:

Monday – Thursday 11am-5pm CST


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